About Me

Masdr Poker Online is a 27-year-old professional sports person who enjoys bargain hunting, planking and duck herding. He is brave and kind, but can also be very standoffish and a bit stingy.

He is a Portuguese Hindu who defines himself as bisexual. He has a degree in sports science. He is allergic to pine cones.

Physically, Masdr is in good shape. He is short with chocolate skin, grey hair and blue eyes. He has an unusually long nose.

He grew up in a working class neighbourhood. After his mother died when he was young, he was raised by his father

He is currently in a relationship with Jade Keelan Ward. Jade is 5 years older than him and works as a lab assistant.

Masdr has one child with ex-boyfriend Brett: Francis aged 5.

Masdr’s best friend is a professional sports person called Abel Li. They have a very firey friendship. He also hangs around with Tom Lucas and Marjorie Harris. They enjoy photography together.